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EO2 Specs

EO2 without a stand or frame has dimensions of 21.75” H x 12.98” W x 0.78” D and weighs 14 lbs.

EO2 uses a 23 inch (9x16 in) 1080p LCD screen with a 179 degree viewing angle to display your collected and created artwork.

The life of the screen itself is approximately 30,000 hours. Powered down for 50% of the day (while you’re asleep), that comes to a lifetime of about 6.85 years.

We’ve utilized a screen technology that minimizes screen burn and built tools that add an additional layer of protection for your screen.

Our displays use about as much power as a common household light bulb (approximately 35 watts). From a practical perspective, if no one can see your display, it shouldn’t be on, so our goal is to minimize power usage without detriment to the user experience. We offer settings to control “Sleep” and “Awake” modes in order to help achieve this.

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